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Admission to CAPS

Requirements for Consideration


All interested applicants must meet the following requirements for consideration of membership to CAPS:

  • Submit two (2) letters of recommendation, preferably from CAPS members

  • Submit an updated CV with CAPS Administration

  • Submit a letter of interest that includes a description of analytic practice and involvement in local Institute(s)

  • Have no current ethics complaints or lawsuits related to professional duties against one

  • Demonstrate an active involvement in clinical work, writing, or committee work

  • Hold an advanced degree in the mental health field: DMH, Ph.D., M.D., MSW or to be an academic analytic scholar

  • Hold certification in psychoanalysis from ABPsa



Note: Applicants are strongly encouraged to attend our biennial summer  conference to which Certification is not required to attend 

Job interview

Application Review & Placement Procedure

Application Review

The CAPS Board of Trustees meets twice a year, in mid-November and again in mid-May, to consider colleagues for membership. All information requested of the applicant must be submitted by November 1 or May 1 to be considered at that period's admissions meeting. Colleagues will be considered in the order of the date of the completion of their application. If there are more applications than the Board has time to consider, another meeting later in the year will be held and affected applicants will be informed of the delay. If an applicant has begun the application process but remains incomplete for a year, this applicant will be removed from our list and will need to reapply.


Once an application is considered, the Board may decide not to invite the applicant to join CAPS. If there is a vote to refuse admission, the applicant will be informed by letter within 15 days of the Board’s meeting. 

Curriculum Vitae

Group Placement

The materials of the remaining applicants are then sent to all CAPS groups with space available. (In submitting an application, applicants agree to have their CV and other materials submitted to the entire CAPS membership.)


As the group meetings are spread over several weeks, having all the groups consider the available applicants takes time. If a group, in consultation with the Board of Trustees, accepts a colleague, a letter of acceptance will be sent with appropriate information about future meetings. If more than one group accepts the same colleague, the applicant will be placed by the Board, taking into consideration the current demographic (gender, age, geography and diversity) of the requesting groups. Should no place be found for a colleague in any of the groups, the applicant will be circulated during the next set of meetings. If the applicant remains unplaced after this second circulation this applicant will be notified by the Board.


All application materials will be shared with our members. If accepted, your CV will be kept in our archives. 

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