Collection Description

The CAPS Archive contains documents pertaining to the history, administration, and operation of the Center for Advance Psychoanalytic Studies, founded in 1960 by Dr. Samuel Guttman and Dr. Muriel Gardiner. The archive covers activities of all CAPS groups, Princeton conferences and all other CAPS meetings. Also held are member files and correspondence, organization by-laws, accreditations, and legal and financial documents. The collection also includes papers of the Psychoanalytic Studies at Aspen, the offshoot of CAPS founded in 1970. In general, the materials cover the period prior to the birth of the organization in 1955 to present. 


The Original CAPS Advisory Board


Jacob A. Arlow

David Beres

Grete L. Bibring 

Muriel M. Gardiner 

Maxwell Gitelson

Phyllis Greenacre

Ralph R. Greenson

Samuel A. Guttman 

Bertram D. Lewin

Rudolf M. Loewenstein

Leo Rangell 

Helen Ross

Martin H. Stein

Helen Tartakoff 

Robert Waelder 

Emanuel Windholz

Elizabeth R. Zetzel 


First CAPS Group of 1961


Brian Bird

Victor Calef

Charles Fisher

Samuel A. Guttman 

Heinz Kohut 

Samuel D. Lipton

Peter B. Neubauer

Eugene Pumpian-Mindlin

Leo Rangell

Victor H. Rosen

David L. Rubinfine

Alfred Stanton

Martin Stein

Arthur Valenstein 

Henry Wermer

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