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CE Requirements & Timeline

Step One


Disclosure forms will be distributed to all members for completion at the beginning of each academic year, (mid-August), and will cover that full academic year. Members will only need to sign this form once, and will not need to complete it again until the start of the following  academic year. No CE credits can be awarded if a member has not completed the disclosure form. 

Step Two


The packet must be completed and sent to CAPS administration at least 2 months prior to meetings. This includes the completed application, peer review, and email announcement. Incomplete planning packets will not be submitted. Our CE contact is responsible for approving or rejecting all applications. 

Step Three


A member from the group must read the disclosure statement at the start of every meeting day. All highlighted areas must be completed, and the name of the member who read the disclosure must be printed and signed.


Please note: the group leader and presenter(s) cannot complete this form. 

Step Four


To be completed by the group leader (or any other member) during the course of the meeting(s). If the meeting is remote our CE contact requests an X or check mark next to the participants name. If it is an in-person meeting, each member must initial next to his or her name. 

Step Five


Once all documentation has been submitted, approved, and meetings have occurred, each member will receive an email with a link to complete the online evaluation. Members have up to 1 year to complete the evaluation to qualify for CE credits. 

Step Six


Members will receive CE certificates within one week after completion of the online evaluation. Certificates cannot be awarded if the Group Leader has not returned the Attestation and Attendance sheet to administration.

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