"CAPS offers a space for reflection, far from the bustle of daily practice and psychoanalytic politics. Colleagues come together to think about clinical and theoretical issues and to explore the challenges of being an analyst."


 — A Note from Daniel Jacobs, M.D.  

CAPS President,  2003 - present  

A 15-minute Interview with one of our founders, Dr. Leo Rangell, 
recorded for the 50th Anniversary of CAPS

The purpose of the Center For Advanced Psychoanalytic Studies is to further the development of psychoanalysis as a theoretical discipline, a clinical therapeutic process and a method of research. Discussion of detailed clinical work is the main focus of
attention at the twice-yearly meetings of small CAPS groups composed of seasoned clinicians who share a welcoming openness to inquiry and a personal commitment to
the respectful exchange of diverse ideas. Small groups may also explore the contributions and influences of psychoanalysis in the natural and social sciences, the humanities and the arts. CAPS discourages discussion of administrative matters and
professional politics at group meetings.

As part of its mission CAPS strives to encourage and support talented and promising mid-career psychoanalytic clinicians and selected leaders in related fields in their development as psychoanalysts and scholars. CAPS is a non-profit organization that takes pride in its independence within the wide
community of professional organizations.

Membership in CAPS is by application, invitation, and appointment. Applicants are selected on the basis of their credentials and experience, the support of knowledgeable
psychoanalytic colleagues, their compatibility with the spirit of CAPS, and their interest in participating in CAPS activities. Certification in psychoanalysis is required. The CAPS
Board of Directors reviews and evaluates each application and determines qualification for membership. The CVs of qualified applicants are distributed among the small CAPS groups that have openings for membership. A small group may request the applicant’s appointment to permanent membership in the group. If several groups request an applicant for membership, final appointment to a particular group is decided by the
Board. Continuity of membership is considered essential to the optimal functioning of the small groups. Consequently, transferring membership between groups is not

It is the vision and aspiration of The Center for Psychoanalytic Studies to provide a regularly scheduled venue for experienced clinicians where the vitality of contemporary
psychoanalytic thinking and clinical work can flourish in an administratively unencumbered atmosphere over an extended period of time. It is hoped that the continuity of meetings will draw on the best work from the past of psychoanalysis, contribute meaningfully to its present relevance and growth and will
inspire leadership, innovation and creativity in its future.

This overview of CAPS is intended for informational purposes only and is subject to change by the Board of Directors at any time.

CAPS Privacy Policy:

CAPS does not share any member information with third parties.

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